Could this be my Frederick Paulin?

Oxford Journal, 8 July 1854 page 7

Henley Regatta – Second Day, June 30

The weather again proved favourable until the close of the sports, which did not terminate before seven o’clock, when a heavy shower quickly cleared the river and its banks of the numerous occupants.  The company was quite as good as on the previous day, and the ……

The Town Challenge Cup

Wargrave BC                                      1


  1. Stokes
  2. Toomes
  3. Herman

Beecham (stroker)

B Brooks (steerer)

Henley BC                                          0


  1. Ive
  2. Cole
  3. Paulin

Giles (stroker)

Siddle (steerer)

The Henley Crew selected the Bucks shore, and took a slight lead at starting –a good race engaged for half the distance, when the superior strength of the Wargrave crew showed itself and sent them in wishers by three lengths.  Time 9 minutes 5 seconds.