Gentlewomen Aim to Please: Edited from Victorian Manuals of Etiquette, Jerrard Tickell, London: George Routledge & Sons, 1933.


Servants are difficult.  The art lies in a steady command and management of yourself as well as them.  The well-known Dr Clark, who was always well served, used to say, “it is so extremely difficult to get good servants, that we should not lightly give them up when even tolerable. My advice is, bear a little with them, and do not be too sharp; pass by little things with gentle reprehensions; now and then a little serious advice does far more good than sudden fault-finding when the offence justly occurs.  If my wife had not acted in this way, we must have been continually changing, and nothing can be more disagreeable in a family, and, indeed, it is generally disgraceful.”