Windsor and Eton Express 12 December 1829, page 4

Tooth-Ache and Ear-Ache.

Perry’s Essence has received the sanction and support of the most distinguished personages in the Kingdom, together with the united testimony of the first Physicians in Europe, and numerous favourable comments in highly respectable Medical Journals, where it has been declared to be the “best thing ever discovered for the tooth-ache and ear-ache.” It instantaneously relieves the most excruciating pain, preserves the Teeth sound and firm, prevents further decay, effectively cures the Scurvy in the Gums, fastens loose Teeth, and renders them firm and serviceable to the latest period, and effectively prevents tooth-ache.

Sold in Bottles, at 1s 1 1/2d and 2s 2d by Messrs Butler, Chemists, Cheapside, corner St Paul’s, London; Sackville-street, Dublin; Princes-street, Edinburgh, and the principal Medicine venders in the Kingdom.  Of whom may be had Morris’s Brunswick Corn Plaster, an excellent Remedy for Eradicating Corns, Bunions &c.

NB Ask for Perry’s Essence for the Tooth-Ache.