I have had a lot of responses for assistance for the creation of a list of Scottish societies (of all types) dating from the start of settlement in Canada to the present.  I am up to 120 societies – but I am sure there are more, please keep the suggestions coming.

Thank you so very much for those who have already helped!  So appreciated.


Here is the updated list:

City Name Start Date End Date Notes
Halifax North British Society 1768 Now known as the Scots Society
Saint John St Andrew’s Society 1798 Still exists
Williamstown Highland Society of Canada 1818 1857 Ceased 1828 and reformed 1843
Fredericton Society of St Andrew’s 1825 ?
Montreal St Andrew’s Society 1835 Still Exists
Toronto St Andrew’s Society 1836 Still exists
Quebec City St Andrew’s Society 1837 Unknown – but no longer exists
Kingston Kingston and Midland District St Andrew’s Society 1840 ?
Miramachi Highland society of New Brunswick 1842 Still exists
Quebec Highland Society of Canada – Quebec 1843 1857
Montreal Highland Society of Canada – Montreal 1843 1857
Kingston Highland Socieyt of Canada – Kingston 1843 1857
Toronto Highland Society of Canada – Toronto 1843 1857
Niagara Highland Society of Canada – Niagara 1843 1857
Hamilton Highland Society of Canada – Hamilton 1843 1857
Amherstburg Highland Society of Canada – Amherstburg 1843 1857
Bytown [Ottawa] Highland Society of Canada – Bytown 1843 1857
Johnstown Highland Society of Canada – Johnstown 1843 1857
Goderich Highland Society of Canada – Goderich 1843 1857
Perth Highland Society of Canada – Perth 1843 1857
Ottawa St Andrew’s Society 1847 Still exists
Montreal Caledonian Society of Montreal 1855 1970 -ish
Embro Embro Highland Society 1856 1888
Hamilton Burns Club 1858 ?
Williamstown Caledonian Society of Glengarry 1858
Victoria St Andrew and Caledonian Society 1859 2014
Montreal Burns Club 1859 ?
Halifax Caledonian Club 1861 ?
Antigonish Antigonish Highland Society 1861 ?
Prince Edward Island Caledonian Club of Prince Edward Island 1864 Still exists
Petrolia St Andrews Society 1870 Still exists
Winnipeg St Andrew’s Society 1871 Still exists
Toronto Sons of Scotland – 1 Robert Burns 1876
Toronto Gaelic Society of Toronto (Comunn Gaidlhig Thoronto) 1880 http://www.cassoc.ca/frameset.htm
Calgary St Andrew – Caledonian Society of Calgary 1884 Still Exists
Vancouver St Andrew and Caledonian Society 1886 ?
Peterborough St Andrew’s Society 1887 ?
Restigouche Caledonian Society 1898 Still exists
Toronto Burns Literary Society of Toronto 1901 ?
Winnipeg Burns Club 1907 Still exists
Vancouver Gaelic Society of Vancouver 1908 Still exists http://www.vancouvergaelic.com/
Clan Logan society International 1913 http://www.clanlogansociety.com/
Toronto Cairngorm club 1921
Victoria Burns Club 1922 ?
Glengarry Clan MacLeod Society of Glengarry 1936 http://www.clanmacleod-canada.com/MacLeod.html
Embro Zorra Caledonian Society 1937 Still exists
Canada Clan Macpherson Association 1948 http://www.clan-macpherson.org/canada/
Canada Clan Ross Association of Canada 1960 http://www.greatclanross.org/
Calgary Calgary Burns Club 1964 Still exists
Clan MacDougall Society of North America 1965 http://macdougall.org/
Ontario Scots Federation of Ontario 1965
Vancouver United Scottish Cultural society 1966 Still exists http://scottishculturalcentre.com/uscsociety/
Vancouver Royal scottish Country Dance Society 1966 Still exists http://www.rscdsvancouver.org/
Ontario Clan Cameron 1966 http://www.camerons-ontario.org/Ontario%20Branch%20History%202008%20Main%20Body%20Dec%2008.pdf
Kingston Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 1967 Still exists first called St Andrew’s Scottish Country Dance Society
Canada Clan Hunter Canada 1970 http://clanhuntercanada.weebly.com/
Canada Clan Sinclair Association Canada 1972 http://www.clansinclair.ca/docs/history.htm#presidents
Canada Clan Graham Society 1975
Canada Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada 1975 http://www.clanmacleod-canada.com/
Canada Clan Munro Association of Canada 1975 http://www.clanmunroassociation.ca/frameset.htm
Canada Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada 1976 http://www.cassoc.ca/frameset.htm
Canada Elliot Clan society 1977 http://www.elliotclan.com/history/
Canada Clan MacLennan Canada 1978 http://www.clanmaclennan.ca/
New Brunswick Scottish Cultural Association of New Brunswick 1980 Still exists
Nova Scotia Clan Cameron 1980 http://www.clan-cameron.org/n-america/map.html
Canada Clan Macfie Society 1981 http://www.clanmacfie.co.uk/
North America Robert Burns Association of North America 1982 Still exists Based in Hamilton, ON
Canada Clan Lamont society of Canada 1986 http://www.clanlamont.ca/
Canada Clan Mackenzie Society of Canada 1986 http://www.clanmackenziecanada.ca/
Halifax Burns Club 1997 Still exists
Ontario Clan Donnachaidh society 1997 http://www.cassoc.ca/clans/donnachaidh/frameset.htm
Highland Prairie (AB, BC, MB, SK) Clan Cameron 2002 http://www.clan-cameron.org/n-america/map.html
Medicine Hat Medicine Hat Burns Club 2008 Still exists
Ottawa Scottish Society 2012 Still exists
Pictou St Andrew’s Society ? Still exists
Canada Clan Gregor Society ? http://www.clangregor.com/faq/
Edmonton St Andrew’s Society <1894 ?
London St Andrew’s Society <1902 ?
Montreal Ayrshire Society <1929 Still exists
Amherst St Andrew’s Society <1959 ?
Scarborough Caledonian society of Scarborough <1976
Ontario Highland Dancers Association <1976
Toronto Toronto Scottish Regimental Association <1976
Eastern Canada Highland Dancers Association <1976
Uist and Barra Scots Association <1976
Daughters of Scotland <1976
Timmins St Andrew’s Society <1982 ?
Canada Clan Watson Association of Canada 1980s http://www.cassoc.ca/clans/watson/frameset.htm
Quebec Quebec Thistle Council 2016
Annapolis Burns Club of Annapolis Still exists
Toronto Robert Burns Club of Toronto Still exists
Edmonton Edmonton Scottish Society Still exists
Montreal Sons of Scotland Still exists
Montreal Thistle Society Still exists
Chilliwack Sons of Scotland – 220 Fraser Glen Still exists
New Westminster Sons of Scotland – 191 Lord of the Isles Still exists
Winnipeg Sons of Scotland – 126 Melrose Still exists
Montreal Sons of Scotland – 76 Mount Stephen Still exists
Ottawa Sons of Scotland – 26 Argyle Still exists
Vancouver Sons of Scotland – 209 Lord Tweedsmuir Still exists
Toronto Sons of Scotland – 5 Dunedin Still exists
Verdun Sons of Scotland – 94 McKenzie Still exists
Vancouver Sons of Scotland – 212 Glengarry Still exists
Toronto Sons of Scotland – 6 Bellahouston Still exists
Regina Sons of Scotland – 177 Balmoral Still exists
Vernon Sons of Scotland – 166 Kildonan Still exists
Toronto Sons of Scotland – 104 Cameron Still exists
Victoria Sons of Scotland – 204 Balgownie Still exists
Vancouver Burns Club
Edmonton Burns Club
London West Elgin Caledonian Society
Canada Clan Chisolm society http://www.clanchisholmsociety.org/public/CANindex.php
Clan Irwin Association http://www.cassoc.ca/clans/irwin/underconst.htm
Ontario Clan Kincaid http://www.clankincaid.org/Constitution
Canada Clan Mackay Association of Canada http://www.clanmackay.ca/
Canada Clan MacNeil http://www.clanmacneilincanada.ca/about/past-chiefs-of-barra/
Belleville Belleville Scottish Country Dance Society Still exists
Brockville Brockville Scottish Country Dance Society Still exists
Prince Edward County Prince Edward County Scottish Country Dance Society Still Exists
Portsmouth Portsmouth Village Dancers Still Exists