While doing research for an article on the Paulin(e) family.  I began searching for examples of paintings done by Frederick Paulin(e) Sr. The main reason was that I had unearthed a newspaper article dated 1901, which spoke of an exhibit he had at the Great Northern Railway Offices [See below].

3col26sep1901 - f pauline artist

I knew that Frederick had been an artist having seen a couple of examples in my travels, but I hadn’t understood the importance that it had for him, which from the fact that he exhibited his work (though humbly) suggests.

So I have decided to launch a search for more examples of his work, to digitally construct an exhibit of his paintings in order to share with his family/descendants and other interested people in his vision of the world, through his art.

Example 1


Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, from the collection of S Bunting.

Example 2

Paulin1 (1)

Possibly English River, dated 1909, from the collection of D Thornton.

If you have any paintings by Frederick and would be willing to share with the blog (and the family) I would be most grateful.

Frederick’s son Ernest Alfred Paulin was also a talented artist.  I have two examples of his decorative painting.

Example 1

EPaulin tin birds

Tin Plate, repurposed Ainsley Ware and decorated with birds.  Was a gift to Sidney and Kate [Smith, his in-laws] and dated Christmas 1899, from the collection of G Leitch.

Example 2

EPaulin mirror cake plate

Decorated mirror, nd, from the collection of S Bunting. Thought to be a cake plate.

Any images of Ernest or Frederick’s art would be gratefully added to this virtual exhibit.  If any other members of the family were visual artists, information and images would also be appreciated.

Work in Progress!

The Gallery can be seen here: https://gilliandr.wordpress.com/pauline-family-art-gallery/