[I only wish I had a picture to illustrate this blog post with, because it would have been a heck of a sight!]

Montreal Gazette, 22 September 1880, page 2

Last Night’s Illuminations

Dryden’s hyperbole, that the stars lifted the curtain of the Night to gaze on a scene he was describing, would not, after all, seem so far fetched to one who saw the illumination of the harbour last night. The shipping was decked with parti-colored lights, arranged in wreaths and crowns and figures of every description, and from many of the vessels fireworks were sent off. As far as the eye could reach on either side were myriads of dancing lights of various colors, forming a strong contrast to the dark hulls and the waters grey in the moonlight, while in the background were the huge warehouses and stores whose grimness seemed intensified by comparison with the brightness of the scene in front. A large number of people visited the wharves to view this illumination and at the same time see how effectively the new electric light system performs it work.