Montreal Gazette, 30 October 1880, page 3


Mrs. Robert Moat, nee Mary Louisa Frothingham, Montreal, QC, 1881 Notman & Sandham, II-60228.1, McCord Museum of Canadian History

Fashionable Wedding

A marriage in high life took place yesterday in the Church of the Messiah, and was attended by a very large number of Montreal society.  The happy event was the matrimonial union of Mr RJ Mowat, the well-know broker, and Miss Mary Frothingham, eldest daughter of the late Mr George Frothingham, formerly senior member of the firm of Frothingham & Workman, of this city. The church had been tastefully decorated with flowers for the occasion by the lady friends of the bride. By the hour announced for the ceremony quite a flutter of excitement was noticed in the vicinity.  The bride was to have been given away by her uncle, the Rev Henry Frothingham, who unfortunately was detained by the train being badly delayed.  Mr Henry Archibald acted in his stead. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev Dr Cordner, and Mr Maclagan presided at the organ. There were no bridesmaids.  After the hymencal knot had been tied, the bridal party soon after left the church to the sounds of the “Wedding March”.  They were met at the Bonaventure station by numerous friends, who had assembled to wish them adieu.  A young lady presented the bride with a costly bouquet, in an ornamental basket of fine design.  They soon left by the eastern train for Saratoga and New York.  We wish them all happiness.