Windsor and Eton Express, 4 September 1869, page 3

A Lady’s Hallucination – A woman of about thirty, tastefully dressed and of prepossessing appearance, presented herself two days back at the office of M Berillon, Commissary of Police of the Palais-de-Justice, and inquired what formalities were necessary in order to get married.  The official told her that she must apply at the maire of her arrondissement.  On this the quest became suddenly excited, and declared with extreme volubility that she wanted to marry the world in general; that she had been poisoned; had died, and remained six weeks on the flagstones of the Morgue, watching, without the power to move, all the corpses placed by her side, and hearing the conversation of the visitors; that she had been raised up from that incomplete state of dissolution by the grace of God, &c.  Some inquiries were made which showed that she had lost her reason in consequence of a passion for her cook, a fine-looking man, whose photograph she carried about with her.  Measures were taken to procure her admission into an asylum for lunatics.