Montreal Gazette 23 September 1880 page 2

The Caledonian Games

The Caledonian Society to the [illegible] Annual gathering and athletic sports- His Excellency on the ground.

When the Citizens’ Committee decided to aid the Caledonian Society, it took a wise step, for no greater attraction could have been offered to our visitors than the programme of sports arranged by the Caledonian Society.  In the early portion of the day the attendance was small, and when the games were begun the prospects were rather depressing.  Shortly after 2 o’clock, however, the grounds began to fill up, and the ticket-takers were kept busy until about 4 o’clock, when there must have been about four thousand people on the field.  About a quarter past twelve, His Excellency the Governor-General, accompanied by Capt Chater, ADU, arrived on the grounds, where he was received by the President, Mr Robin, and conducted to a pavilion erected for his reception Mr Robin, on behalf of the Society , presented to him a beautifully bound volume of the constitution and by-laws, the title page of which was handsomely illuminated, and on the second page was a certificate of membership, which was read by Mr John Hood, the Secretary.

His Excellency was pleased to accept the volume, and briefly replied to the remarks of President Robin.  He always had taken an interest in athletic sports, and commended the desire of the Society to encourage the development of physical strength.  He regretted the absence from the programme of broadsword and single stick exercises which were highly popular in Scotland, and hoped they might shortly be introduced.

Miss Mary Fulton, a little daughter of Mr P Fulton, then presented a beautiful bouquet, for which his Excellency thanked the fair donor.

The following gentlemen acted as judges in the various competitions:- Lt Col John Fletcher, CMG; Dr McEachran, FRCVS; Angus Grant, Wm Angus, Alex McGibbon, Ewan McLennan, David Mair, Hugh McKinnon, Wm Wilson & Duncan E Bowie, Esquires.

On the ground appeared some of the most noted athletes on the continent, included DC Ross, of Philadelphia, EW Johnston, of Hamilton, William Robertson of New York, John Raine and George Irvine of Ottawa, and others.

The competitions were entered into with zest, and as a result the interest excited among the spectators was great. The dancing was especially good.  Mr Henderson, of Toronto, in the Highland Fling, rousing the enthusiasm of his Scottish audience to such a pitch that rounds of cheers and excited cries greeted the conclusion of his performance.  In the Ghillie Callum (sword dance) Montreal stood to the front, but altogether so excellent was the display that the task of discriminating must have been one of no small difficulty. The committee of arrangements are to be congratulated on the manner in which the programme was carried out, event following event without unnecessary delay and the whole being completed at a quarter before six.

The scene from the pavilion was a very pretty one, the picturesque costumes of the competitors, guests in Highland dress mingling with the more sombre tints of our modern habiliments, which were in turn relieved by the fluttering ribbons and many-colored shades of ladies dresses, forming a tout ensemble witnessed only at a Scottish gathering. Want of space prevents a detailed account of the games we publish the following:

List of Prizes

Quoits- 1st R Waugh, Point St Charles; 2nd A Tattersall, Point St Charles; 3rd W Todd.

Dambrod Match – 1st Alex Brodie; 2nd Thomas Finn.

Bowling Green Match – 1st J Shartris; 2nd Peter Fulton. Prizes for this match were presented by the President.

Throwing Heavy Hammer – DC Ross, Philadelphia, 1st 97 ft 10 in; D Smith Lucknow Ont 2nd, 92 ft 6 in; M MacDonald 3rd 87 ft 8 in.

Throwing Light Hammer – DC Ross, 1st 116 ft 9 in; D Smith 2nd, 111 ft 5 in; M MacDonald 106 ft 11 in.

Putting Heavy Stone- AA Macdonald Lochgarrry, 1st 35 ft 3 in; DC Ross, 2nd 34 ft 1 ½ in; W Robertson New York, 32 ft 11 in.

Putting Light Stone – AA Macdonald, 1st 45ft 8 in; DC Ross 2nd 42 ft 7 in; W Robertson, 3rd 40ft

Tossing the Caber- D Smith 1st, 38 ft 10 ½ in; DC Ross 2nd 37 ft 10 in.

Running hop, step, and jump – Thomas Aitkin, New York, 1st 44 ft; M Macdonald 2nd, 43 ft 2 ½ in; Alex Miller, Montreal 3rd, 43 ft 10 ½ in.

Running high leap- EW Johnson 1st, 5 ft 4 in; Wm Robertson 2nd 5 ft 4 in; AC Reid, 3rd 5 ft 2 in.

Running long jump – Thos Aitkin, 1st 21 ft 1 ½ in; AC Reid 2nd 19 ft 6 in; EW Johnson 3rd 18 ft 6 in.

Standing long jump- EW Johnson 1st 10 ft 9 ½ in; M Macdonald 2nd 10 ft; J Newton 3rd 9ft 9 in.

Standing high leap – EW Johnson, 1st 4ft 8 in; M Macdonald 2nd 4ft 7 in, DC Ross 4 ft 6 in.

Vaulting with pole – Thomas Aitken, 1st 9 ft 4 in; Wm Robertson 2nd 8 ft 10 in; Alex Miller and John Anderson equal 8 ft 4 in, divide 3rd prize.

Pony race- Thomas Irving’s “Rosebud”; 2nd, J Irving’s “Minnie”; 3rd Douglas Lorne McGibbon’s “Princess Louise.”