I had known about this site for a while, and had made use of their great section on headstones, but I was reminded yesterday about its existence thanks to @geneaalacarte and decided to look up the usual suspects in the obituary section.  And I found my great-great grandfather’s obituary.  The description of him makes him sound like a lovely man.


Cornwallroots.info, Paper unknown, page 72, 13 July 1916


daniel cashion
Daniel Cashion – family collection


Donald Cashion

A stalwart Glengarryman, a giant among a race of giants, has departed from the scene of a long life of activity in the person of Donald Cashion (“Dan” as he was generally known) at his homestead in the South Branch, the neighbourhood called Cashion’s Glen, bearing the family name.

The late Mr Cashion was a splendid specimen of manhood, standing over six feet in height, and enjoyed a large acquaintance in the United Counties. After many years residence in Cornwall, he took up farming, cultivating his two farms, and one seldom passed that way without seeing his familiar form and getting a friendly wave of the hand, or having a short chat.  He was a veteran of the Fenian troubles in 1866, and was proud of the medal he was awarded as a memento of those stirring times.  In politics he was a Liberal.  In the early seventies he took an active part in municipal matters, having been a member of the Township Council, also of the Counties Council, as Reeve and Deputy Reeve of Charlottenburgh.

His health was always the best, and he never knew a sick day until about six months ago, when the malady developed which caused his death. He was in Cornwall quite recently and seemed as active as ever.

His wife died some years ago, leaving a large family, the members of which are James and Angus of Los Angeles, Calif., members of the firm of Grant Brothers, railway contractors; Mrs WP Lunny, Montreal; Mrs Price, Toronto; Mrs P Spink, Williamstown; William Cashion on the homestead; Mrs WC Leitch, Montreal; and Mrs D McCosham, Bainsville.

The funeral took place on Saturday morning from his late residence to St Mary’s Church, Williamstown, and was largely attended by friends from Cornwall, Lancaster, Maxville and Alexandria.  Requiem High Mass was celebrated by Rev Father AA McRae, and the remains were laid to rest in teh burying ground adjoining.  The pallbearers were S Burton, Maxville; WP Lunny, Montreal; WC Leitch, Montreal; P Spink, Williamstown; Norman McCoshahm, Bainsville, and Angus [illegible] Cashion’s Glen.