Ottawa Citizen, 1 November 1867, page 2

Marriage of the Hon SL Tilley, CB

[From the St John Journal]

St Stephen, Tuesday, PM

Christ Church, St Stephen, was to-day the scene of a ceremony which, owing to the position of the parties specially interested, attracted no little attention.  At 1 o’clock am, the Hon SL Tilley, CB, Minister of Customs was married to Alice, eldest daughter of Z Chipman, Esq.  The parish clergyman being absent, the ceremony was performed by the Rev Henry Dollard, Rector of Mangerville and Burton.  He was assisted by the Rev EW Murray of the Episcopal Church, Calais, Me.

The bride wore a white satin dress, honiton lace veil, white wreath.  The bridesmaids were dressed in white buffed tarletans, with white tulle veils and blue wreaths.  The bridesmaids were Miss Chipman, Miss Stevenson, Miss Gibson of Newport, RI, Miss Annie Chipman, Miss Leila De Wolfe, and Miss Nettie Bolton.  The bride and bridesmains presented a perfect galaxy of loveliness.  The bridegroom was attended by Col Lesier Peters, ADC.  The church was crowded to its utmost capacity.  The ceremony was announced by the ringing of joy bells and the firing of salutes by a firing party of the St Stephen’s Battery of Artillery.  Both St Stephen and Calais were in a high state of excitement.  After the ceremony, a large party partook of breakfast at the residence of the bride’s father. The party included the elite of St Stephen and several ladies and gentlemen from St John and other places. The presents were received by the bride were numerous and most magnificent.  The day was cloudy but fair.  At 2 o’clock the “happy pair” set out in a private conveyance en route for Bangor, thence they will proceed to Ottawa direct. The bride and bridegroom were accompanied by a short distance, after starting, by a number of the bridal party in carriages.  They were followed by the best wishes of the people of St Stephen and neighbourhood, with whom Mr Tilley and his fair young bride are general favourites.

The feelings of the good people of St Stephen will be shared by the people of New Brunswick generally and of the people of the Dominion of Canada.  It was felt that when Sir John A Macdonald had entered matrimonial bonds he had given a very practical proof of his union tendencies, and we cannot say less of Mr Tilley, who had been a widower for several years.

Samuel Leonard Tilley, Notman, McCord I-13477
Alice Tilley, LAC, copyright expired