Public Ledger & Daily Advertiser, 22 May 1815, page 2. 

Residence- Blackheath by Mr [Illegible] at Garawa’s Coffee-House, Cornhill, on Tuesday, Jun 13, at Twelve. (Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract).

An excellent family house with garden, lawn and shrubbery, most delightfully situate in the Grove, Blackheath, the residence of Thomas Freake, Esq., removing to Bromley.  The house contains spacious drawing and dining rooms; boudoir, tastefully papered, opening onto a conservatory and library, numerous bed chambers, manse hall, and suitable domestic offices.  Held on lease for 26 years, at a low grounds rent.  Tickets for viewing may be had by applying to Mr Ellis, 36 Fenchurch-street.  Printed particulars will be ready for delivery 10 days prior to the sale.

[Residence of my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Thomas Freake….]