Montreal Gazette, 6 September 1857, page 3

The Grand Annual Gathering of the Caledonian Society came off with great success yesterday. The ground of Guilbault’s Gardens at as early hour became crowded. Over 4000 tickets were taken at the gate.  We have never seen anything go off with so much spirit or create more real amusement in this city.  We were glad to meet a number of Glengarry men, who had come down, and with them their member of Parliament, the Hon JS MacDonald, who, we were pleased to notice looked well and seemed to enjoy himself exceedingly.  The day was fine, and this added much to the pleasure. The various games were contested with much animation, and much generous rivalry was displayed. The following is the prize list.  The Glengarry men took all before them in throwing Weights and Quoits:-

1st prize, H Brown –

Throwing Heavy Hammer, 21 lb – Christopher McRae (Finlay Glengarry) 86 feet, Alex McPherson (Neil Glengarry), 2nd 66 feet.

Light Hammer, 14 lb – 9 entries.  Alexander McPherson 91 feet, Macrae 2nd 85 feet.

Vaulting – height 7 feet 2 inches – Mr Armstrong, 7 competitors

Short race – 11 entries.  Won by an Indian of Caughnawaga, hard pushed by an Artillery man.

Tossing the Caber – Mr Alexander, 27 feet

Running High Leap – 11 entries.  1st Patrick Gethings; 4 feet 11 inches.  This game was hard contended by Mr Bell.

Standing High Leap – James McCabe, 3 feet 11 inches, 8 entries.

Putting heavy stone – 21 lb – 1st Macrae  29 feet 11 inches being 2 feet less than thrown in Scotland. But Macrae is in ill-health.  Mr Macdonald will back him against all Scotland.

Putting light stone – 16 lbs, McPherson, 30 feet, Macrae 2nd 34 feet. [as written?]

Running long leap – T Brown 17 ½ feet; Dechamp 2nd 16 feet 9 inch.

Standing leap – Lariviere 10 feet

Standing hop and leap – T Brown 27 feet 1 inch.

Sack Race – caused much fun, and was cleverly won by Mr Bell.

Barrow race – was of all the games the most amusing, Mr Carson taking the lead and holding it by a few feet.

We offer to the victors our heartiest congratulations for the honours they have won; and we are very happy to see these manly games practised among us.  No nation can too highly prize the physical strength of its sons. It is a guarantee against national decay; and these games have given good proof that those who took part in them have manifested no sign of degeneracy.

Let us add the Committee deserve much credit for their excellent arrangements, which did much to make this whole proceedings go off so pleasantly; and we believe the Glengarry men feel thankful to the GTR Company for their courtesy.