Biography – Patrick Corley

Patrick Corley (1815 – 26 November 1875) was the son of Michael Corley of Swinford, Ireland.  His father was the owner of the Corley Hotel, was situated on the town’s main street, Market Street.  The hotel also included a pub which had a Sunday license, which permitted it to open after Sunday services.  The Corleys appear to have been relatively prosperous.

Patrick married Mary Groarke on the 31st of January 1845, in Swinford (Kilconduff Parish).  They had twelve children: Anne (1846-1866), Bridget (1850), Mary (1852), Catherine (1854), Timothy (1856), Anthony (1858), Thomas (1859), Mary (1861), Patrick (1862), Patrick Joseph (18650, John (1866) and Michael John.

Apart from this information about his life, little is know about his life.  When Patrick died in 1875, his business was left to his son Timothy.  The family then went through a commemorative phase erecting monuments to Patrick’s life.  His granite grave marker towers above all the others in Kilconduff cemetery, perched on the roof of the Brabazon crypt.  The high altar at Swinford Church was installed in his honour as well.


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