Montreal Standard, 29 November 1919, page 24

Many social affairs are scheduled for the coming week but the most important function will be Saint Andrew’s Ball, to take place under the patronage of Their Excellencies the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire in the Windsor Hotel on Monday evening. There has been a great demand for tickets for the affair and a large and distinguished assembly in practically assured. Elaborate and appropriate decorations will lend a gay appearance to the various rooms, the arrangements for music and for supper are exceptionally good and the ball with be opened with a waltz played by the full pipe band of the Royal Highlanders.  There are quite a number of debutantes making their first formal appearance in society at this function, among them being Miss Stell M Leslie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Leslie, the Misses Edith and Jessie Martin, daughters of Mrs. SD Martin and Miss Edria Ussher, daughter of Mrs. CEE Ussher.

Among the hostesses who will entertain at dinner on Monday evening previous to Saint Andrew’s Ball and will later accompany their guests to the function are Mrs. George S Cantlie, who will entertain for her daughter, Miss Jean Cantlie; Mrs. Hugh Allan, who is giving a dinner for Miss Rachel Allan; Mrs. TS Morrissey, Mrs. Anson McKim, Mrs. WJ Carrique, Mrs. Ross Emmans, Mrs. RC Steven, Mrs. Frank Hopkins, Mrs. CEE Ussher, Mrs. Ross McMaster, Miss Edith McIntyre, Mrs. RD Martin, Mrs. WG Mackenzie, Mrs. J Augustine Mann, Mrs. Alfred R Wilson, and Mrs. Hector MacLean.