Montreal Standard, 22 November 1919, page 22

The past week has been a very full one in the social world for, although there have been few really big affairs, any number of smaller functions have taken place. Dinner dances, bridges, supper dances, and teas, for visitors and for debutantes, have been the order of the day and followed each other in quick succession; with several weddings of interest both in and out of town in which society was interested. The weeks ahead are crowded with engagements, dances taking first place. Indeed, it appears that no matter what an entertainment starts out to be it inevitably ends in a dance.

The dance at the Windsor last night under the auspices of the Rupert Brooke Chapter of the IODE was a very delightful affair, and particularly noticeable was the large proportion of young folks among the eight hundred or so guests present. Dancing was carried out in the Windsor Hall to the music of an excellent orchestra, while the adjoining corridor was used as a sitting-out room, and supper was served in the Rose Room. The gowns were particularly attractive, and when dancing was in progress the result was a perfect kaleidoscope of color. The proceeds of the dance are to be devoted to the War Memorial Fund of the Daughters of the Empire and the Osborne Home for Soldiers’ children, under the management of the Montreal Soldiers’ Wives League.

One of the most important dances of the season is the Saint Andrew’s Ball, to be held as heretofore in the Windsor Hotel on Monday, December 1st, for which arrangements are nearing completion. The various committees are using every endeavour to ensure the success of the event and everything possible which will make for the comfort and pleasure of the guests is being done. The list of patrons and subscribers – lengthy and distinguished one, and so much interest is being taken in the affair that it promises to equal if not eclipse even the brilliancy of the Saint Andrew’s Balls of pre-war days.