John Kevin Corley (14 May 1890 – 1 March 1969) was the son of Timothy Anthony Corley and Margaret Cuddy. He was their second child, born while the family was still living in Swinford, Ireland. By about 1895 the family had moved to Montreal, his mother`s birthplace.

Jack was educated at Loyola College and then spent some time at McGill University, although he did not complete his degree.

He married Iceland native Anna Magnusdottir in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the 2nd of March 1923. It was her second marriage, the first ending in divorce. They had two daughters: Margaret Anna (1925) and Nora Theresa (1929). Margaret`s tragic death in 1930 as a result of her toboggan hitting a tree, left her parents grieving for many years.

For a time after their marriage they lived in Winnipeg, where Margaret was born, but moved to Montreal in time for the birth of Nora in 1929.

According to some sources, he was associated with Acme Steel since 1910, and appointed Vice-President in 1923. He was also associated with his father’s company of TA Corley & Sons, which in a city directory is described as Importers and Manufacturers agents. The company appears to have persisted long after Timothy’s death in 1920.


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