Montreal Gazette, 5 August 1869, page 2.



Thursday, 5th August

Positively last three nights of the

Gregory Consolidation, from the Tammany, New York

Drawing their stay of six weeks upwards of 300,000 person witnessed their performances.

Miniature Circus

Dogs, Monkeys, Ponies and Goats

The Gymnasium

The Aerial Acrobats

The Spiral Ascension

Wonderful Comic Pantomimes

The Original Punch and Judy


Mlle Gertrude in her wonderful Parlour Entertainment of Educated Animals.

The latest New York sensation

The Men of the Air

With their astounding summersaults while FLYING IN THE AIR

On Saturday, Family Matinee, at half past two o’clock.

Private boxes $4.00; Dress Circle 50c; Family circle 37 1/2 c; P1 25c.

Doors open at 7 ½; performances to commence at 5 ½ precisely.

Seats can be secured, without extra charge at Prince’s Music Store.