Biography – Angus Donald Cashion

Angus Donald Cashion (22 October 1866 – 24 December 1925) was son of Daniel Cashion and Jane Burton of Cashion’s Glen, Ontario. He was one of nine children. Daniel Cashion was a farmer, and a descendant of one of the original white settlers to the area.

Not much is know about Angus’ early life. It is believed that he was educated at the Williamstown school. He appears to have emigrated to the United States in 1888. He first lived in Santa Barbara, California, and then moved to Phoenix, Arizona before 1920. His brother James Arthur also lived in California and Phoenix, so it is likely that at some point in their business lives that they may have worked together.

Angus married Hattie (or Harriet) Clark before 1916, probably in California. Their first child Angus (born 11 July 1916) was born in Los Angeles. Their daughter Betty was born in Phoenix (20 April 1921).

In the census for 1920, Angus is listed as a rancher, and several sources stated that he lived in Maricopa County, Arizona, was named Cashion in his honour. However, other sources state that Cashion was named after his brother James. Court records for his estate point to his large landholdings in the area, and partnerships with others in the ranching business.

Angus died in an automobile accident on the 24th of December 1925, and is buried at Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery in Phoenix.


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