Montreal Standard, 8 March 1919, page 12



Without a dissenting voice, the City Council adopted a motion that beer should not be included in the proposed prohibition.

The motion, proposed by Alderman Lamarre, states “As wine and beer are recognized as being non-injurious, and in certain cases useful and salutary, and as the suppression of the manufacture of wine and beer would deprive many of work, and as the public in general seems to be of the opinion that beer and wine should not be included in the proposed prohibition resolved:

That the Provincial Authorities be requested that whatever law they may adopt, regarding the manufacture and the commerce of alcohol, to make an exception in favour of the two products mentioned above (beer and light wines).

In other words, the people of Montreal and the whole Province of Quebec want beer. They are opposed to the law which is supposed to come into effect on May 1st, forbidding the sale of Beer – and they do not want the Federal Government to force this law upon them.

If you reside outside of Montreal and are in favour of Beer, urge your City Council to petition the Government to permit the brewing and sale of Beer after May 2st.

Quebec Brewers Association

55 St Francois Xavier St, Montreal.