Montreal Standard, 12 April 1919, page 14


“Send Flowers at Easter

Our Stock is as large and as varied as ever – and we deliver anywhere.

McKenna Limited

Corner St Catherine and Guy Streets

Quebec Branch…. 9 St John Street”

Why McKenna Flowers, you ask?  Growing up we were always led to believe that McKenna’s were related to us.  Mom even bought her wedding bouquet there because Dad had said that they were somehow connected.  He couldn’t say precisely how, just that we were.

So I put on my historian cap and tried to figure out the connection.  So here it is:  The McKennas are connected to the Cuddy family through my Great-Great Uncle Sarsfield Cuddy, who married a McKenna.  Her brothers and father ran the flower business.   Now some would say this was a bit tenuous, and really they are not related by blood, but as I have learned from visiting “connections” in Ireland, it is important.  And so the family, several generations on continued to shop there.  My last visit, before they closed, was to buy flowers for Mom’s burial from them.