Montreal Daily Star, 23 September 1880, page 2

The Caledonians

Conclusion of the Games

Towards the conclusion of the games yesterday a very great number of spectators had gathered, and the events excited considerable enthusiasm. The dancing was capital. To complete the success of the day the Committee of Arrangements managed affairs so well that every event was reached in good time, and the whole was over before six o’clock. The following were the results of the later games (the bowling match eventually came off):–

Running hop, step and jump- Thomas Aitken, New York, 1st 44ft; M Macdonald, 2nd 43ft 2 1/2in; Alex Miller, Montreal 3rd 42ft 10 ½ in.

Running high leap- EW Johnson 1st, 5ft 4 in; Wm Robertson, 2nd 5ft 3 in; AC Reid 3rd 5 ft 2 in.

Running long jump – Thos Aitken 1st, 21 ft 1 ½ in; AC Reid 2nd, 19 ft 0 in; EW Johnson 3rd 18ft 6 in.

Standing Long Jump- EW Johnson 1st 10ft 9 ½ in; M Macdonald, 2nd 10 ft; J Newton 3rd 9ft 9 in.

Standing High Leap- EW Johnson 1st 4 ft 8 in; M Macdonald 2nd 4ft 7 in; DC Ross, 4 ft 6 in.

Vaulting with pole- Thomas Aitkin, 1st 9 ft 4 in; Wm Robertson 2nd 8 ft 10 in; Alex Miller and John Anderson, equal, 8 ft 4 in, divided 3rd prize.

Pony race – Thomas Irving’s “Rosebud”; 2nd J Irving’s “Minnie;” 3rd, Douglas Lorne McGibbon’s “Princess Louise.”

One mile race- (amateur) CJ Patton, 1st; Geo Maclains, 2nd.

Half mile race- (Members only) J Newton 1st; M Jeffrey 2nd.

Two mile race – Three starters, Irvine, Platt and Raine. The two first gave up at the end of the first lap, and Raine was left alone to trot around the track nine laps, for which he received $20.

Best dressed gentleman in Highland costume- (at his own expense) John Duncan, 1st; hon mention, Alex McGibbon, Esq and Peter McNeil, Pipe Major 5th Royal Fusil.

Best Piper (in Highland costume) reels, strathreys and marches- M Munro, 1st; John Duncan, 2nd.

Highland Fling- JL Henderson, Toronto 1st; George Mathieson, Hamilton 2nd; AR Macdonald, Ottawa, 3rd.

Ghillie Callum- Alex Niven 1st; George Mathieson 2nd; RP Niven 3rd.

One hundred and fifty yeards (members only) – J Newton 1st, M Jeffrey 2nd, A Miller 3rd.

Quarter mile hurdle race- Thos Aitkin 1st, Geo Irvine 2nd, AC Reid 3rd.

One mile (open) – J Raine 1st, Geo Irvine 2nd, E Corcoran 3rd.

Hurdle sack race – Thomas Aitken 1st, W Dewitt 2nd, N Dewitt 3rd.

Dumbrod Match – 1st Alex Brodie, 2nd Thos Finn

Bowling Green Match – 1st J Chartorie, 2nd Peter Fulton. Prizes for this match were presented by the President.