Macdonald Family of Chicago (bef 1910)
Macdonald Family of Chicago (bef 1910)

I decided to update my family tree a bit to see if I could find more about the Macdonalds of Chicago.  I had a family history written by a cousin from the early 2000, but I wanted to see what kind of documents had turned up on Ancestry, to fill in some blanks.  So here are some of my finds.

Firstly I will provide a bit of context.  Aeneas Vincent Macdonald married my great-grandfather’s sister Jane Frue Leitch in 1879 in Stormont, Ontario.  From material I found Aeneas appears to have worked as an accountant/ clerk.  Sometime in the early 1890s he and his growing family moved to Chicago, where most of the stayed – and likely still are.

The Tree:

Aeneas Vincent Macdonald (@1856, Cornwall – 1920, Chicago) married 18 August 1879, Jane Frue Leitch (@1857, Cornwall – 1910, Chicago)


  1. Eugene Lochlan Macdonald (7 Sep 1881, Cornwall – 15 Oct 1946, Kankakee, Ill)
  2. Aeneas Macdonald (1885 – ?)
  3. Julian Leitch Macdonald (29 Mar 1882, Cornwall – 20 June 1939, Chicago)
  4. Carolyn Nicholas Macdonald (8 Sep 1888, Cornwall – 20 Feb 1942, Chicago)
  5. William Dunbar Macdonald (@1893 – 13 May 1944, Chicago)
  6. Roderick Macdonald (21 Oct 1891, Chicago – ?)
  7. Vincent Macdonald (28 Jun 1896, Chicago – 23 Apr 1947, Chicago)
  8. Agnes Frue Macdonald – Macfarlane (7 Sep 1898, Chicago – 12 Jul 1984, Oregon)
  9. Leith Christine Macdonald – Hansen (@1902, Chicago – 2 Jul 1962, Chicago)

As you can see by the few question marks – I have some blanks yet to fill.  (Any assistance greatly appreciated on this).  But what I did find was interesting.

Julian Leitch Macdonald was described in the family history I have as being with a lady named Lillian, but not married to her.  She is listed though as his wife in his death information.  Curiously enough though, there is a marriage listed to a Grace E Goodrich in July of 1913.  Where is Grace?  Also interesting, in his draft form for WWII he listed his profession as a theatrical scenic artist – self employed.

Eugene Lochlan Macdonald is listed in the 1930 census as a resident of the Kankakee State Hospital, and it is there he died in 1946.  I googled it, it was a mental institution.  Very sad.  I would like to know more about him, and his life before this institutionalisation.  He was buried with his mother in Chicago.

William Dunbar Macdonald’s WWII draft document states that he was self-employed at the Carnival, Chicago.  On the back of the card, where scars and the like are usually listed (like that of his brother Vincent, who had a scar on his back) it states that both legs were amputated 4 inches below the knee.  Which explains his height of 4’8”.  In the Illinois death index his profession is listed as Sand Carver.  What is a sand carver?  Is this an act at the Carnival?  I should also note that he gives his address as his sister Leith Hansen, and puts her husband George as the person who would always know where he was.  Very curious about this!

Carolyn Macdonald was an interesting character – she was a ob-gyn, at a time when women doctors was not common.  Very awesome, and inspiring.  And Leith Hansen her sister, became a lawyer when her children were teenagers – sharing a practice with her husband. Both women of intelligence and courage.


So that has been my latest foray in genealogy.  More questions made than answered, but serious fun.