Montreal Standard, 1 March 1919, page 17

Let Go!

It is a beauty secret that you can have for nothing.  And, unlike most things one gets for nothing, it is worth untold gold.

Perhaps you don’t quite understand what is meant by letting go?  It is simple enough.

When one is up and about, especially in these strenuous days of war and anxiety one is strained and taut, like a tightly-stretched string.  That is all right for our work, but it is exhausting to our vital energy.  So that, every now and again, we, if we are wise, will snatch a chance of relaxing the poor strained nerves.  It may be only for a moment, but it will do wonders in the way of refreshing one.

Lift your eyes from your typewriter, take a few long, deep breaths, close your eyes and allow your limbs and nerves to go quite limp.  Even if you can only spare a few seconds once or twice in the day, it is well worth while.  And, if you can lie down flat on the floor for a few minutes and relax all over during your working day, you will reap the benefit.  But at least you can straighten up, close your tired eyes, and generally “let go” for a moment.  Practice the art of letting go, and it will soon become easy; it is an invaluable aid to health and beauty.  And, unlike so many aids, it costs absolutely nothing!