Montreal Daily Star, 23 September 1880, page 2

The Pyrotechnic Display

A scene of splendour which thousands of people admired

Successful as the past displays made by the Fireworks’ Committee have been, that of last evening on Dominion Square excelled every thing heretofore attempted by them.  At an early hour the square was filled by a vast multitude, who amused themselves by promenading and light conversation until the bands arrived, when less walking was indulged in.  Presently the first bomb exploded with a loud detonation.  This was succeeded by a shower of rockets which illuminated the heavens with the brightest of many colored fiery tints.  The set pieces were remarkably beautiful the falls of Niagara having an appearance of realistic grandeur which those who saw will not soon forget.  Wheels within wheels revolved with startling rapidity, the explosions at intervals serving to heighten the scene of beauty, which could not, however desirable, remain “a joy forever”.  A tricolored paper balloon was sent up, which at first swayed heavily as it caught the briskly blowing wind, but gradually it settled itself and floated gracefully upward and onward in the direction of the Victoria Bridge. It was watched by the multitude until it resembled a twinkling star in the distance, and finally disappeared from view. Another very fine set piece was a ship which rocked upon imaginary waves and was fired upon from a fort, the balls from which were thrown through the rigging of the doomed vessel and finally dismantled it, although a faint but ineffectual fire was given in return. All things considered the fireworks have proved to be a decided success, and those who were present last evening on Dominion Square will not regret the time they spent in admiring the beauties of the pyrotechnic display, as well as letting the Citizen’s committee know that their efforts to amuse have been appreciated.  The brass bands played several capital selections throughout the evening.