Ottawa Citizen, 18 March 1867, page 2.


From Montreal.

Montreal, 18th – The celebration of St Patrick’s Day so far has passed by quietly.  The turn-out has not been so large as in former years, the coldness of the weather probably deterring many from paying their tribute to the memory of their patron Saint.  After high mass the Rev Mr O’Brien, of Brockville, preached a most able discourse. The procession then reformed, and after marching through the principal streets of the city and through Griffintown, along the streets of which numerous arches had been erected, proceeded to the site of the new St Patrick’s Hall.  Here speeches were delivered by the President of the Society, B Devlin. His worship the Mayor, Dr Hingston and Father Dowd, after which Father Dowd proceeded to lay the corner stone.  After this was completed three cheers were given by Father Dowd, three for the St Patrick’s Hall, and three for Old Ireland.  General orders were issued to-day ordering every man to be in barracks and not to leave it after four o’clock. The Montreal Light Infantry and the Hochelagas are under orders to be ready for service if required, to be brigaded with the regulars. It is stated that Col Wolesely is to succeed Col McDougall as Adjutant-General of Militia.