Times and Daily Colonial Advertiser, Montreal 7 April 1843, page 2

We have received from Messrs Armour & Ramsay the four number of the re-print of the Waverly Novels. Mr Cadell, the enterprising proprietor of the copyright, has adapted this cheap and attractive mode of placing within the reach of every individual the incomparable productions of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

The number for April contains a portion of Guy Mannering, and fully sustains the deservedly high reputation enjoyed by the reprint.

The order interdicting the circulation of American copied of British works may promote the circulation of legalised products, nevertheless, we cannot avoid remarking that it is somewhat mortifying that the Americans should enjoy the luxury of reading the best English authors while the Canadians are excluded from the English literary market, and liable to be inoculated by the second rate effusions of American writers.