Montreal Standard, 12 April 1919, page 22


“I don’t think I can go, Jessie, for I just feel wretched”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, for I did so want you to be there.”

“I hate to disappoint you, dear, but you know how miserable I have been lately.”

“Yes, but I thought you were better.”

“So I am some days, and then I just seem to be as bad as ever again. I get so weak that I do not feel able to stir.”

“What is the trouble?”

“The doctor says I am anemic. He says the blood is thin and watery, and I do not get the good of the food I eat, Goodness knows I do not each much, either, for I have no appetite.”

“Why not try Dr Chase’s Nerve Food?”

“Would that help me, do you think?”

“I do not see why it should not. You remember how pale and weak I used to be. Well, it was nothing else than Dr Chase’s Nerve Food that cured me. And I am not looking as though I needed any medicine now, am I?”

“If I could only be strong and healthy like you are, Jessie, I would give anything.”

“You never will be unless you try, and I do not think you would be disappointed with Dr Chase’s Nerve Food. It is not only my case, but there are so many other girls we know who have been benefitted by it.”

“Will you get me a box at the drug store, Jessie, and I will start right in to-day? If this will only give me an appetite and make the blood rich and red, so that I can get some strength and color, I will be a happy girl.”

Dr Chase’s Nerve Food is so gentle in action, and yet so potent as a restorative, that it is a great favourite with women of all ages. It seems to be admirably suited to the needs of their delicate nervous systems, and on this account it has come to be universally used as a means of restoring vigor and energy to a rundown nervous system. 50 cents a box, 6 for $2.75, all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co Ltd, Toronto. On every box of the genuine you will find the portrait and signature of AW Chase, MD, the famous Receipt Book Author.