Montreal Daily Star, 23 September 1880, page 2


Mechanic’s Hall – Robinson & Crane’s troupe played last night to a very fair audience. The songs, dances &c, tendered by the several performers proved acceptable.

Academy of Music—The Academy of Music last night was crowded as usual, there being only standing room half an hour after the performance commenced. There was a change of programme, “Zip” being substituted for “Musette”. Lotta was charming as ever, playing with inimitable vim and abandon, and being supported admirably by the east. Miss Jordan’s Amanda was very effective. To-night Lotta makes her last appearance in “Zip”, and none of our visitors who have not yet seen her should miss the opportunity.

Nordheimer’s Hall – The crew of “HMS Pinafore,” under the command of the Holman Combination, were put through their evolutions last evening at this cosy little theatre, Miss Holman’s Josephine was all that could be wished, while the support given her was fair. Old and threadbare as the charming little opera has become, the attendance last night and the applause given the performers shows that there are still a large number of theatre-goers whose admiration for it has not diminished by time and frequent repetition.