Montreal Gazette, 24 April 1871, page 2

St George’s Society – This society, together with the English Workingmen’s Society attended divine service in St George’s Church yesterday afternoon. His Lordship the Metropolitan preached, taking for his text the xii chapter of St Paul’s epistle to the Romans, part of the 5th verse “And every member one members of another.” After some remarks on the text, his Lordship referred to the Society. He said that the history of the patron saint of the English people was altogether allegorical, and was perhaps an embellishment of the triumph of religion over heathenism. He referred to the state of St George’s Society in this city, saying that last year they had an English emigrant home for emigrants who had no place to go. During the year they had provided 1 100 of these, who had remained according to their behaviour and means for them one night to six weeks. The out door relief committee had sent emigrants to different parts of the country; and they had also paid the fares of 250 emigrants. The Bishop appealed to the congregation to come forward and help the Society, and he hoped that those who were not already members would soon add their names to the list of annual subscribers. After the sermon a collection was taken up on behalf of the society.