Montreal Standard, 1 November 1919, page 25

Programme from the McCord Museum of Canadian History
Programme from the McCord Museum of Canadian History

Gaiety Reigned at the Citizen’s Ball in the honor of the Prince

An unqualified success and a most enjoyable event was the unanimous verdict on the Citizen’s Ball, in honor of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, held in the Windsor Hotel, on Thursday, and attended by a representative and distinguished company. Crowded with social engagements of various kinds as the previous days of the Prince’s visit were, Thursday’s function suffered not at all by reason of them, for the ball was carried through from start to finish with great enthusiasm and éclat. The general arrangements were excellent, the music all that could be desired, and the informality of the supper, but added another note of gaiety to the evening.

The decorations had been considerably changed since the Military Ball, but the flags and bunting remained in the Windsor Hall, while the civic motto, “Concordia Salus” found a prominent place.over the platform in front of which an informal dais had been arranged, were the words “God Bless Them” surmounting the Prince’s feathers and motto in electric light.

The Ladies’ Ordinary was most attractive, long panels of yellow silk forming a background for trailing foliage and flowers, while masses of immense yellow chrysanthemums added to the beauty of the lounge between the two main dancing halls.

It was almost 11 o’clock when His Royal Highness arrived after having opened the ball of the Grand Army at the 63th [sic] Armory, and preceded by two pipers and attended by His Worship the Mayor, with the members of the reception committee, following came slowly up to the centre of the long ballroom through an aisle formed with white ribbons to the dais. Here, after the orchestra had played the National Anthem, and the Prince had greeted the ladies connected with the members of the various committees, the formalities of the evening ended.

His Royal Highness chose his own partners and honored a number of Montreal girls in this manner lady Meredith, whom the Prince escorted to supper, danced the last supper extra with His Royal Highness.

Miss Gabrielle Grothe, a neice of Mayor Martin, had the honor of being the Prince’s first dancing partner, his second being Miss Madelaine Taschereau, of Quebec, whom His Royal Highness had previously met and danced with on the occasion of his visit to the Ancient Capital. Mrs John Ahern, daughter of the Hon Charles Marell; Mrs Clifford Darling, Miss Cecile Grothe, a debutantem, the Misses Reichling and Miss Simone Portelance were also among the Prince’s partners during the evening. But it was Miss Taschereau to whom fell the honor of dancing most frequently with the royal visitor, an honor duty appreciated by the young lady and naturally much envied by many others.

His Royal Highness escorted Lady Meredith to supper, and the party of honor was composed of Admiral Halsey and Mrs Huntly Drummond, Mr E Hebert and Mrs RW Reford, Judge Robidoux and Mrs Hebert, Sir Vincent Meredith and Lady Joan Mulhooland, Sir Frederick Williams Taylor and Lady Gordon, Sir Montagu Allan and the Hon Marguerite Shaughnessy, the Mayor of Montreal and Lady Williams-Taylor, Judge Greenshields and Lady Davis. Mr EW Beatty and Miss Martha Allan, Mr CE Neill and Mrs Cllifford Darling, Senator Casgrain and Mrs Robidoux, Mr HW Beauclerk and Mrs RAE Greenshields, Judge Marechal and Mrs A Boyer, Mr Huntly Drummond and Mrs JPB Casgrain, Sir Charles Gordon and Mrs Alfred Shaughnessy, Mr ER Decary and Mrs CE Neill, Major-General Sir Henry Burstall and the Hon Mrs Beauclerk, Sir Mortimer Davis and Mrs Forbes Angus. A buffet supper was served in the Rose Room, the Green Room and Peacock Alley.