I was playing in the database of the British Colonist newspaper today, and came across a number of articles featuring family[look here: http://www.britishcolonist.ca/%5D . Ah the fun! I will eventually publish all of the articles here, but the title of this one caught my eye immediately.

F Pauline is likely my great-great grandfather Frederick Pauline, who at his arrival in Victoria styled himself as a ‘gentleman’ and had probably a lot more free time than his son Frederick Arthur Pauline, who following his father’s arrival, appeared in the papers as FA Pauline. He was a band leader! The whole family was musical, and son George was organist for Christ Church Cathedral.

Which would have lured you to the park – the music or the monkeys?

Colonist, 10 June 1890, page 5

Monkeys and Music

There were two strong attractions at the Hill on Sunday afternoon, and the result was that an unusually large number of visitors put in an appearance. The first attraction was the excellent music discoursed by the recently organised Victoria Band, which, under the leadership of Mr Pauline, is rapidly attracting attention on account of the good music which it on all occasions furnished. Attraction no. 2 was the cage of monkeys, which are evidently destined to fill the place of the late lamented seal in the affections of park frequenters.