Montreal Gazette, 5 August 1869, page 2

I am mighty in the sabre,
Fiercely wielded by the brave,
Glorious for the stalwart steamer,
Laughing at the storm and wave.

Beautious in the palace pillars,
Saving in the potated rod,
As it brings the deadly lightning
Quelled and harmless to the sod.

But there is a glorious [illegible]
Where I take my grandest power,
Giving the Race my surest,
Sweetest aid, in danger’s hour.

See! Before one fly dressed!
See the darkest hydras bow!
See the rose of health and beauty
Take the palest cheek and brow.

Fly, dyspepsia! Fly consumption!
Yes, all ills are crushed at length
For I give what human nature
Only ever needed- strength!

Shall I tell in what great essence
I can thus your sprite cheer up?
Pallid, trembling, dying sufferer
Tis the famed “Peruvian Syrup.”

The Peruvian Syrup is a protected solution of the Protoxide of Iron, a new discovery in medicine that strikes at the root of disease by supplying the blood with its vital principal or life element—Iron.
The genuine “Peruvian Syrup” blown in the glass. Pamphlets free.
JP Dinsmore, Proprietor
No 26 Dey Street, New York
Sold at Henry Simpson & Co, Montreal and by all druggists and merchants in-city and country.