Manitoba Free Press, 17 Mar 1888, page 2


A Skin Without Blemish

Everywhere a network of [illegible] veins and pores, the skin constantly renews itself and not only with its conscious deep [illegible] but with its analytical functional action, eliminates all waste accumulation and disease. Hence a skin without blemish means more than beauty, it means health.
Cuticura, the great skin cure, and Cuticura soap, an exquisite skin beautifier, prepared from it, externally and Cuticura Resolvent, the new blood purifier, internally, cure every species of torturing, disfiguring, itching and scaly and pimply diseases of the skin, scalp and blood with loss of hair, from pimples to scrofusia.

I have been afflicted for a great many years with bad blood, which has caused me to have sores on my body. My hands were in a solid sore for over a year. I had tried almost everything I could hear of, but had given up all hopes of ever being cured, when I saw the advertisement of the Cuticura remedies. I used one box of Cuticura, one bottle of Resolvent, and one cake of soap, and am now able to do all my own work.
Mrs Fannie Stewart, Staunton, Ind.

I have suffered all my life with skin diseases of different kinds, and have never found permanent relief, until by the advice of a lady friend, I used your valuable Cuticura Remedies. I gave them a thorough trial, using six bottles of the Cuticura Resolvent, two boxes of Cuticura, and seven cakes of Cuticura Soap, and the result was just what I had been told it would be – a complete cure.
Belle Wade, Richmond Va.
Reference OW Lorimer, Druggist, Richmond Va

Have just tried your Cuticura Remedies on one of my girls, and found it to be just what it is recommended to be. My daughter was all broken out on her head and body, and the hair commenced to come out. Now she is so smooth as ever she was, and she has only used one box of Cuticura, one cake of Cuticura soap, and one bottle of Cuticura Resolvent. I doctored with quite a number of doctors, but to no avail. I am willing to make affidavit to the truth of the statement.
George East, Macon, Mich.

For the last year I have had a species of itching, scaly and pimply humors on my face to which I have applied a great many methods of treatment without success, and which was speedily and entirely cured by the Cuticura Remedies.
Mrs Isaac Phelps, Ravenna, O

Sold everywhere. Price Cuticura, 50c, soap 25c, Resolvent $1. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Co, Boston Mass.
Send for “How to cure Skin Diseases” 64 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials.