Montreal Gazette, 28 Nov 1901, page 7


Thanksgiving Day. . .

Today the Big Store is closed. Business can afford to rest while we keep festival, as men, as traders, and citizens.
The spirit of contentment runs through the store. We look backward and all the years have been working for our success. We look forward to the promise of much better things. The excellent facilities, enlarged capacity, improved stocks, and steadily increasing volume of trade are but stepping stones to greater usefulness.

The multitude of thankful hearts make a thankful people. Good cheer surrounds the day and drives out the rentilles of discontent from every home. We read the present in the sunlight of the past and devote ourselves to a peaceful, joyous Thanksgiving.

The S Carsley Co, Limited
184 to 194 St James, 1765 to 1783 Notre Dame Street, Montreal.