Montreal Gazette 22 December 1911, page 14


There is not a suggestion here that a woman wouldn’t appreciate
-and appreciate to the fullest extent, too, because the very nature of the gift is so significant. All appliances shown herewith are labor-savers, and enable women to do a lot of pleasant things which are too much trouble to do without them. Anything which even so much as tends to reduce the energy of household work—which makes it easier, more convenient and shortens the time of doing it, rouses woman’s interest at once and if she sees that her interest is yours in this respect she is deeply grateful to you. There’s really no gift you can give which will be so significant of this interest as one of these electrical appliances.

Electric Bread Toaster
Electric Warming Pad
Electric Water Cups
Electric Irons
Electric Disc Heaters

The Montreal Light, Heat and Power Co.