I imagine a number of people are curious about why I call this blog gilliandr, or why I use gilliandoctor on twitter as my handle.

Some people who know me assume I use the doctor because I have a PhD. And while yes, I have a PhD and I am proud of it, that is not why I use it.

Others may assume I use it because I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, and well yes, I am a big fan, that is not why I use it.

I use Doctor because of my last name, Leitch. The name itself is Scottish, and refers to an occupation. It is like the name Cooper or Smith, and refers to doctors. Yes, doctors. Leitch, Leech or Leach means doctor, because back in olden times and not so olden times, medical practitioners used leeches for medical purposes, and even when they weren’t using the little critters to draw blood from their patients, they were bleeding them for much the same reasons. Hence the name.

I have googled my name a number of times, and there are a lot of Gillian Leitches in the world so using it on the net was probably not that distinguishing a thing to do. So I use gilliandr instead….. it means the same thing!