I was basking in contentment at my tracing of the Cutler family to the family of William Windham of Felbrigg, pleased that I had been able to connect through an illegitimate daughter to them, and by virtue of this connection trace the family into the 1400s. Wow, what an achievement, and quite honestly further back than I had expected to go. Most people are lucky to get into the 18C, with the nature of record keeping, record preservation, and so forth. I had posted my information to my blog, and hoped that this wondrous discovery would be of benefit to others related to me. And I figured that really, there were many who were related considering the amazing numbers of children the Cutlers seemed to have had.

Then I got an email from a heretofore unknown Australian cousin, A Connor, who had looked at my lovely Windham chart and had made a connection from my chart, and was able to trace the family further. And wow, further is right. He looked at the wife of Sir John Wyndham (d1502) who had married Margaret Howard, who was the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk. And there it was, a lovely pedigree.

A line that could be traced back to Edward I (Longshanks – Hammer of the Scots, etc). King of England- I repeat, King of England. Even better, Margaret was descended from his son Thomas of Brotherton, whom he had with his second wife, Margaret of France. She was the daughter of Philip III of France. I repeat King of France. And there you have it, a royal connection, a family tree that can go to the earliest days of English monarchical rule, and to the Capetian Kings of France.

From Wikipedia
From Wikipedia

Now of course the Scot in me (1/4) is a bit conflicted about being related to the “Hammer of the Scots” and I am sure the Irish quarter is none too impressed, but hey, the English half is most pleased, and amazed. And I think I should wear a tiara all the time because- hey a couple drops of royal blood.

Here is the chart:

Henry III of England Phillipe III of France
Edward I of England (Longshanks) Margaret of France

Thomas of Brotherton, 1st Earl of Norfolk (1300-Aug 1338) m. 8 Jan 1326 Alice de Hales (d/o Sir Roger de Hales) (d Oct 1330)

Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk (Earl Marshal of England) (1320-Mar 1399) m. @1335 John Segrave, 4th Baron Mowbray (d. 1 Apr 1353)

Elizabeth de Segrave, 5th Baroness Segave m. John de Mowbray, 4th Baron Mowbray (23 June 1340-1368 in Constantinople)

Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk (22 Mar 1367-22 Sep 1399 Venice) m. Elizabeth FitzAlan Arundel (d/o Richard FitzAlan 11th Earl Arundel) (c1372- 8 July 1425)

Margaret de Mowbray (1388-1459) m. Sir Robert Howard of Tendring (1385-1436)

John Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (1425- 22 Aug 1485) m. Katherine Moleyns (d 3 Nov 1465)

Margaret Howard m. Sir John Wyndham of Crownthorpe & Felbrigg (d 1502)

Sir Thomas Wyndham (1522) m. Eleanor Scrope

Sir John Wyndham (d. 1572) m. Florence Waldham

Sir John Wyndham (1558-1645) m. Joan Portman

Thomas Windham (1585-1654) m. Elizabeth Mede

William Windham (1647-1689) m. Katherine Ashe (1652-1729)

Ashe Windham (1673-1749) m. Elizabeth Dobyns (1693-1736)

William Windham (1717-1761) & Mary Morgan (Mistress)

Elizabeth Windham (aka Morgan) (1743-1810) m. Richard Guise (1735-1806)

Sarah Elizabeth Guise (1762-1833) m. Rev John Cutler (1756-1833)

John Cutler (1794-1843) m. 1824 Louisa Freak (1806-1874)

Mary Cutler (1836-1921) m. 1861 Frederick Paulin(e) (1831-1918)

Ernest Alfred Paulin (1864-1912) m. Emma Jane Jennings (1866-1951)

Grandad m. Nanny

Mom m. Dad