I was thinking about how the Windhams, Guises, and Cutlers seemed, to a great extent, live not far from each other, or, chose to inhabit certain sections of London. So, I decided to map them out on Google Maps. Now, a lot of the addresses are approximations because the London of the late 18th to mid 19th century does not necessarily translate well to 21st century London, but there are clues.


I should admit that I think a lot of John Cutler living in Camberwell has a lot to do with the fact that his wife’s family, the Freaks, lived in that area. However, a lot of histories of the area he lived in describe it in glowing terms as part of the new middling developments in the London area, so it could also have a lot to do with class, income and the ability to buy a bigger house.

I will soon make a Freak Cutler map to compliment this map.

You can access this map here