232 - Young Couple Library Archives-2

From a researcher at LAC who wanted to add a bit of fun to the experience!
LAC Scavenger Hunt:

1. Name one of the microfilm readers in the 3rd floor microfilm lounge. Try to be as creative as possible.

2. On the first floor lunch lounge, go to the vending machine with the packaged meals. Which (in your opinion) is the most dubious food offering?
*Extra points if you actually consume said item.

3. Find the Rogue’s gallery of Dominion Archivists portraits on the 3rd floor, next to the main reading room. Which of these dapper Great White Men had the best fashion sense? Be prepared to defend your answer.

4. Where would be the best place in LAC to string a hammock? Keep in mind conditions for napping as well as physical structures for tying the hammock.

5. Complete the following limerick: “There once was a researcher at LAC ….”

6. List the names of four (4) security guards and/or archivists.

7. Statue of boy and girl on the front bench outside the building. What do you think he’s actually whispering in her ear?

8. How many steps from the first floor lobby to the 3rd floor reading room? Extra points if, while counting, you dance up the stairs like you’re starring in a Ziegfield follies revue.

9. Strangest document you’ve ever found at LAC. Provide Title and AMICUS number so we can all look it up and enjoy.

10. LAC wants to redecorate its 3rd floor reading room, and you are chosen as the head designer. You have complete creative free-reign and budget is no concern. What will the room look like once you (and your top-notch construction team minions) have finished?