Ottawa Citizen 21 January 1867, page 2


Cheating Lame Soldiers out of their Wooden Legs

Congress over a year ago made an appropriation to supply one legged soldiers with artificial limbs. The job was a large one and the pay was large; and the shoddy politicians seized upon it to make money out of it at the expense of the poor lame veterans. And a nice job they made of it. The contract price was $75 apiece. Yet not only were shabby and shackly limbs supplied at this rate, but all sorts of extortion in the way of express charges and repairs added. Some had to pay as high as $50 extra and $50 for repairs. Two hundred letters from the invalids show the character and extent of the swindle. One who paid fifty dollars extra states that he has made himself a wooden stump which is much more comfortable than the government limb. Another of these congressional pegs is pronounced by the owner a nuisance and an imposition, after having had it eighteen months, wearing it only four, giving fifty dollars for it, and paying five for repairs. One has had it repaired six times – (American Paper.)