Ottawa Citizen, 29 December 1866, page 2


The committee of management of the St George’s Society, beg leave to acknowledge with thanks, the following donations to the Christmas Charitable Fund.:
Hon Jas Skead, $4.00; P Thompson 2.00; Geo Harrington 1.00; E Wakley, 1.00; Geo Payne 1.00; W Cartney 1.00; Jno Bray 1.00; H Gough 1.00; JC Tarbut 2.00; A Friend 5.00; MA Greenwood 1.00; J Hodgson 50c; CT Brown 1.00; Observer 4.00 and a donation of clothing; JG Robinson & Co 10 cords of wood; J Maguire 1 cord of wood; Messrs Satchell 150 pounds of meat, Donations of meat were also received from Messrs Smith Bros, Cauthrey, Sparrow, White and Harryott, which added to the profits derived from the late concert, enabled the committee to dispense to 35 families, representing 168 individuals the following goods, viz: 23 cords of wood, 400 pounds of flour, 40 bushels of potatoes, 84 loaves of bread, 80 pounds of sugar, 20 pounds of tea, and 60 pounds of raisins. After the distribution was over there still remained some goods on hand which were at once sent to the Orphans home. The Committee are also happy to be enabled to state, that, after meeting all present requirements there will remain a considerable sum to be transferred to the general funds of the society.