Ottawa Citizen, 18 March 1867, page 3


The needs of a safe and perfectly reliable purgative medicine has long been felt by the public, and it is a source of great satisfaction to us that we can, with confidence, recommend our Bristol’s Sugar-coated Pills, as combining all the essentials of a safe thorough and agreeable family cathartic. They are prepared from the very finest quality of medicinal roots, herbs and plants, the active principles or parts that contain the medicinal value being chemically separated from the inert and useless fibrous portions that contain no virtue whatsoever. Among those medicinal agents we may name Podophyllis, which has been proved to possess a most wonderful power over the liver and all the bilious secretions. This, in combination with Leptandria and other highly valuable vegetable extracts and drugs, constitutes a purgative pill that is exactly superior to any medicine of the kind heretofore offered to the public. Bristol’s Vegetable Sugar-coated Pills will be found a safe and speedy remedy in all such cases as piles, headaches, jaundice, bad breath, foul stomach, loss of appetite, liver complaint, habitual costiveness, dyspepsia or indigestion, heartburn and flatulency, dropsy of all limbs or body, female irregularities, and all diseases of the stomach, liver, bowels and kidneys.

In diseases which have their origin in the blood Bristol’s Sarsaparilla – that best of blood purifiers – should be used with the pills; the two medicines being prepared expressly to act in harmony together. When this is done faithfully, we have no hesitation in saying that great relief, and in most cases a cure can be guaranteed when the patient is not already beyond human help.

For general directions and table of doses, see the wrapper around each phial.

For sale in the establishment of Joseph Skinner, George Mortimer, John Roberts, Henry F McCarthy, Druggists. Also by all respectable Druggists.

March 1st, 1867.