Ottawa Citizen, 28 December 1866, page 3

The Universal Remedy
Radway’s Ready Relief!!!

Cures Pain Instantly!
And is a positive preventative of Asiatic Cholera, Yellow Fever, Small-pox and other pestilences!

Its properties
As an anti-septic, disinfectant, anti-spasmodic, counter-irritant, diffusive stimulant, rubefacient,nervine, anodyne, sudorific, febrifuge.
It has no equal in the material medica.

In sudden attacks
Of diarrhoea , dysentery, cholera morbus, inflammation of the bowels, cholic, cramps, spasms, vomiting, sick headache, cold chills, fever and ague, sore throat, coughs, colds, influences, neuralgia & c – one teaspoonful in a glass of water will correct all derangements of the stomach, bowels and liver, and instantly stop the most severe pains.

If seized with rheumatism
Gout, lumbago, sciaties, pain in the side or back, limbs or joints, spine or muscles, toothaches, strains, sprains & c- One application will afford immediate ease and comfort, and a few times rubbing will complete the cure.

Instant help needed
In violet diseases, instant relief is required. Asiatic Cholera, inflammation of the bowels, cholic, fits, ship fever, croup, diphtheria may prove fatal within an hour or two, if not checked by a powerful antidote like Radway’s Ready Relief and all sense and inflammatory maladies, whether rheumatism, neuralgia, inflammation of the kidneys, bladder, urinal difficulties, inflammation of the womb, and in fact, all diseases fraught with immediate danger, yield at once to this commanding curative.
The Ready Relief is as sudden in its operation as the malady itself. It is more[illegible] the virus of the most swift and deadly epidemic. With this Remedy at hand to use [illegible] point of pain and uneasiness, no person need suffer an hour sickness.

Sisters of Mercy at Dorchester Street Hospital, applying Dr Radway’s Remedies to the sick.
Sisters of Mercy
Dorchester Street, Montreal CE Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy
Dr Radway – I certify that your Ready Relief has cured over one hundred of our sick from chills, vomiting, headaches, internal pains, &c, &c.
One of our sisters had the rheumatism in her head for a great many years – having taken a few spoonfuls of Relief in water, and rubbing her head twice with the same medicine, she was perfectly cured and never felt it since. I always use it for dyspepsia and for colds, and always with success. It is very useful for sore throats, coughs, influenza, diphtheria, &c. It has a good effect in flatulence or wind cholic. I use it for foul breath, and it produces a marvellous effect. In short it procures relief altogether remarkable to our invalids.
Sister Mary de Bonsecours

NB- Beware of counterfeits and imitations, have nothing to do with the dealer that will endeavour to persuade you to take some other in place of the Radway’s—the Country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations of Radway’s Ready Relief. Dealers purchase these worthless mixtures at less than half the price they are charged for Radway’s, yet charge the public the same price our agents sell you Radway’s for. (price 25 cents per bottle) The imitations and counterfeits are sold at 5 to 10 cents per bottle to dealers; dear at that price. In purchasing Ready Relief, see that there are two signatures of Radway & Co on the labels, and the words RRR Radway & Co blown in the glass. A man will sell you a false medicine will cheat you whenever he has an opportunity.

Certificates of startling cures of the most violent and deadly diseases are on record at Dr Radway’s Offices in the cities of New York and Montreal, emanating from the highest authorities in the world. There is not a town or city of importance (except a few in China) on the globe that Radway’s Medicines have cured the sick when all other remedial [illegible] failed, and is vouched for by High dignitaries in Church and state, both by letters written direct to the Radway, and through the [illegible] Ministers and Consuls abroad.

Sold by Druggists and Country Merchants
John Radway, MD & Co
[illegible] Peel street, Montreal
[illegible] New York
Agents- G Mortimer, Ottawa; GB Eddy, Hull; W Allen, Aylmer; W Craig, Bristol; [illegible] Shaw, Clarendon; and WA McLean, Portage du Fort.