Montreal Standard, 15 July 1911, page 22

Young Buffalo’s Wild West World Wonder Show


The dreams of others melted into substance
Wholly unlike all others in its class
Uninfluenced by any combination of circus interests
Peerless rifle shot of the world! Annie Oakley
Hundreds of Stupendous startling sights
An arena teeming with flying horses and human forms in daring, dangerous and difficult deeds
Thrilling races
Oriental horsemen
Rough riders
Cossack equestrians
Furious Tartar centaurs
5 stupendous spectacles 5
Typical riders from every land
Participants by the hundreds
In every field of amusement endeavour
Men and women who know no failure
Annie Oakley Ambrose Means Capt Bogardus
Curtis Liston Capt OD Stevens Young Buffalo Fred Burns
Prairie Rose Buffalo Vernon Montana Jack Maud Burbank
Trained buffalos Acting bulls Educated Mules
Indians, Vaqueros, Cingalese, Rangers
Cowboys, Rurales, Militiamen, Cossacks
More features than all other shows combined