Manitoba Free Press, 17 February 1888, page 3

Incandescent Electric Light

What users say regarding it
Mr Richard White, at the Gazette Printing Company of Montreal, states: “Light has been running for over eighteen months without interruption; all entirely satisfactory; all your statements quite verified.”
Mr Angus Grant, of the Great Northwestern Telegraph Company, of Montreal, states: “I am very much pleased with your incandescent electric lights. They are giving general satisfaction to all our staff who prefer them to any other light. Clean, safe and brilliant.”
Mr GB Hall of Messrs Hall, Neilson & Co, Three Rivers, PQ, states: “I am much pleased with the light, and, as far as I have seen, prefer it to the arc light.”
The secretary-treasurer of the Globe Printing Co, Toronto, states: “The light gives perfect satisfaction. I do not think our directors would be willing to go back to gas, even if they obtained it free of charge; I know I would not.”
The Montreal Cotton Co, Valleyfied, state: “The Edison plant has given us the best of satisfaction. We have a thousand lights and during the past three years have paid for 1786 lamps to replace those burned out, or an average of 656 yearly. The cost for labor to run the Dynamo is nothing, because the man who attends to the wheels and shafting attends to them also.”
The Chief Engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company’s steamers state, the cost of Edison lamp renewals to be less than the cost of replacing coal oil chimneys.
A 32 candle power lamp in the Globe office, Toronto, gave a life of 5293 hours, and a 16 candle power lamp in the Montreal Post Office gave a life of over 7100 hours.
AJ Lawson
General Canadian Agent,
28 Fraser building.