Montreal Gazette, 6 September 1858, page 2

The Third Grand
Annual Gathering
Prize Games
Of the
Caledonian Society
Of Montreal
Will be held in
Guilbault’s Gardens
(Weather Permitting)
Tuesday, the 7th September

Games 1st Prize 2d Prize

Quoits Society’s Grand Medal 20s
Throwing the Hammer
Heavy Hammer 21 lbs Silver Medal 12s 8d
Light Hammer 14 lbs 20s 10s
Running Pole Leap
Poles provided by the
Society 20s
Short Race 20s
Tossing the Caber
Heavy Silver Medal
Light 10s
Juvenile Foot Race, open
Only to Members of the
Thistle Society 10s 5s
Running high leap 25s
Standing high leap 25s
Best Piper in Highland
Costume 50s 25s
Bell Race 10s
Putting heavy Stone 20s 10s
Putting light stone 15s 7s 6d
Hurdle Race…. Yards
3 feet hurdles 20s 12s 6d
Running long leap 20s
Standing long leap 20s
Ghillie Gallum, or Sword
Dance 20s
Running, hop, step and
Leap 20s
Standing, hop, step and
Leap 20s
Sack race… yards,over
Two hurdles of 12 inches 20s
Wheelbarrow race 15s

The committee are erecting a Grand Stand, which will be free to the public.


Arrangements have been made with the Grand Trunk Railway to bring passengers from Cornwall and Lancaster stations to Montreal, on Monday Sept 6, and Tuesday Sept 7, will leave to return by any train on Tuesday or Wednesday, at one fare, on purchasing tickets to the Gathering from the Station Masters, vis:

1st class 2d class
Cornwall to Montreal and back $3.25 $1.70
Lancaster to Montreal and back $1.80 $1.35
Trains will leave Cornwall at 6.45 am, 12.10 pm and 7.08 pm; and Lancaster at 7.21 am, 1.03 pm, and 7.30 pm.

Passengers wishing to make the journey in one day con do, so by taking the Mail Train both ways, giving the whole day in Montreal.

The Champlain and St Lawrence Railway Co, will also bring passengers from St John’s on Tuesday, 7th September and back same day or next, for one fare, vis, $1, upon purchasing a ticket to admit them to the Gathering from the Station Master at St Johns.

The MONTREAL FIELD BATTERY BAND and LISTON’S QUADRILLE BAND will be in attendance during the day.
REFRESHMENTS will be furnished by Mr D MORRISON, at town rates.

Tickets of Admission, 1s 3d; children under 14, 71/2 d—to be had of the Members of the Committee, at the Plantagenet Water Depot, at the Gate of the Gardens on the morning of the Games, and of the Undersigned.

James Marchbank