Montreal Gazette, 9 January 1858, page 1

Rowdyism of Boys

To the Editor of the Montreal Gazette:

Sir—As my son, thirteen years of age, was returning along St Catherine Street, from St Lawrence Street, yesterday afternoon, between 3 and 4 o’clock, on a somewhat important errand. Near Mr Bell’s store, at the corner of Sanguinet Street, he was met by six or eight youths and boys, some, or all, armed with sticks.

Without the slightest provocation, one of these young savages attempted to trip up my son’s heels, and, as he was endeavouring to recover himself from the attempt, he was struck and nearly knocked down by a blow on the face, which cause a considerable hemorrage [sic]. Fortunately a respectable man, an Irishman, in the employment , I believe of Mr King, a gardner [sic], came to the rescue at this juncture, and the vagabonds took to their heels, or is it difficult to say what lengths the outrage might have been carried.

I relate this in order that the police many give warning to such aspirants to rowdyism.
I may mention also, that the neighbourhood of Craig and St Denis streets have, sometimes, been infected, in the winter evenings, by similar characters, who have made it their business to offer gross insults to respectable females returning from public worship.

Yours & c,
(Editor’s Note—We earnestly commend our correspondent’s statement to the attention of the police. It may be implicitly relied upon.)