Montreal Gazette, 17 October 1879, page 3

A Centenarian
Death of an old lady in Montreal, aged 102 years

Stories of those who have reached one hundred years and over before ceasing to breathe are common enough, but well-authenticated instances are far and few between. On Wednesday morning, however, in our city, a lady who has been a resident of Montreal beyond the ordinary space of human life, although she lived in Ireland long before coming to Montreal, Mrs Nixon, the mother of Mrs Joseph Wray of this city, died at five o’clock at the residence of her mother [likely daughter], Mount Charles Place, off St Dominique street, aged one hundred and two years, two months and nineteen days, having been born in Ireland on the 26th of July 1777. Her maiden name was Hannah Nixon. Until a year ago her senses were perfect; she was able to read small print without the slightest difficulty, and her memory was absolutely unimpaired, and stocked with the stories and experience of a century, which she could pour forth in inexhaustible profusion. A few months ago, however she gradually began to fail, until last week she finally became unable to eat or drink, and on Wednesday died painlessly. This afternoon will take place the last service in Trinity Church, Canon Baldwin officiating. To the facts above given many of our citizens can bear testimony, and the story given comes from the lips of a gentleman who has been intimate with Mrs Wray’s family for twenty years.