Montreal Standard, 28 October 1911, page 12



On Monday the Canadian people will be officially called upon to be thankful- to observe a public holiday that appeals to gratitude, one of the noblest qualities of the human heart.
As a people we have so many and such great things to be thankful for, that a public holiday seems most fitting in order that there may be an uplifting of the heart of the nation in thanksgiving to the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

Canada has been blessed with another bright and prosperous year. She has been shielded from pestilence and war, for her people the earth has brought forth its increase in abundance, and plenty abounds on every hand. Everywhere there has been growth and an increase of those forces which tend to national strength and self-reliance.

In every quarter of our Dominion and in every field of endeavour, are things and conditions that call for Thanksgiving, and that should remind Canadians that their lot has been cast in the prosperous age of a happy land. In the spirit inspired by a realization of these things Thanksgiving Day will be observed.